A cheerful heart has a continual feast



This site is about having fun with food, to entertain, inform, and excite curiosity about the botanical feast all around us. It’s also about traditional, real foods that go well with them.  Some plants are edible. Some are not. Within those edible, we harvest the leaves, roots, fruits, seeds, or even flowers and create a dazzling array of culinary options. I’ve walked up to the brink of a few extremes in my time, but you won’t find food faddism here…no “gluten free,” “raw,” ‘vegan,” or “paleo” motivations.

There is a story to the dishes we cook and the plant parts we use to season them. There is truth in the concept that food is your best medicine. My intention is to find surprises within the usual, and to play with some edible plants you’ve possibly never thought about before. There’s much more to come, so come back and visit often!

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